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Photography is my primary medium and something I frequently use to interact and process reality with. 


Mind the Gap focuses on themes of magical realism, bringing attention to the gap between reality and the fantastical, and bridging that gap. The world depicted in this series is one that constantly lives in my head: a world of strange occurrences and odd possibilities.

I made Every Home during the beginning of the pandemic to explore the feelings of isolation and liminality that we were all experiencing. 


Keep the Light On is a continuation of Every Home. I made it farther into the pandemic, after quarantine was over and everyone was expected to go back to work, in an attempt to explore this strange world we all had to learn to adapt to.

Lumen explores the unique colors, textures and forms that can be captured with lumen printing. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 9.53.13 PM.png

After gaining more experience with lumen printing, I made In Being Alive as a means of exploring image and text together in photographic book form. 

Being nonbinary means that, every day, I have to cope with a disconnect between my mind and my body. Inside/Outside is a series of long exposure self-portraits that gives form to the dissociation and emotional distress I deal with.



In Surface, I wanted to subvert the traditional landscape photo. Instead of using my camera to frame and capture the landscape as a scene, I used bodies of water in the landscape as a lens through which to view it. In this way, I let the landscape show me how it wanted to be viewed and documented. 

Bandages draws attention to the harm that human beings have caused our Mother Nature and begs us to question our relationship with her.

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